Aravalli Princess

Troubled by her father's stubbornness and conservative temperament, the spirited young woman Sukanya desperately wants to run away from her dad's villa. To find a way out she enrolls in a postgraduate course in travel and tourism. With her all weather friend Ailsa Smith, she meets an American writer and businessman, Eric, at Jaipur Literature Festival in a comedy of errors. Eric recognises her talent and inspires her to write a novel as a means to be famous and thus earn freedom from her dad's castle. The Aravalli Princess is a saga of a budding writer , adventure , ambition and friendship . It's a record of emotions in love , pain and separation .

Sugar and Wine

"Sugar and Wine" is a collection of both  short and long poetry, prose laced with artwork that exudes stories of love, romance, hurts, healing, and encourage self-reliance, moral strength, learning and wisdom. These pieces are based on the experience and  observations of the author, duly refined to send a message to the world. The snippets written with a layman's  approach and simple language would definitely appeal to the sensitive readers , and strike chords, ask them to ponder and to delve deep into human relations, social taboos and disparities prevalent in the world.

Sugar and Wine is a mirror of today's world.

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Flairs of Love

Flares of Love by Shekhar Tiwari and Arti Rai is a beautiful collection of love poems dealing with different aspects of human love, intense romance and profound philosophy of life. These poems, simple, loving, passionate and sensuous, are a self-revelation with impassioned tone: a romantic and spontaneous expression of varied moods, feelings and experiences. With an insightful Foreword by Dr Bam Dev Sharma, a himself renowned poet, the book is a joint venture of looking at love from both the perspectives- male and female. Their poetry is an experiential odyssey of feeling joy and pleasure of being in love. In the Foreword, Dr Sharma rightly mentions Their distinct images embody peculiarities in their poems: the blessing of heart gets submerged with the body as if the rivers are heading to the confluence to soothe into infinite semblance of love......the confluence where the poets lose their individual self in order to equalize with greater orgasm of love, extolling the joy and supremacy of it. Desires, longing, yearnings, pining etc find a sublimated expression in the anthology which best represents the androgynous voices of love and humanity.